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It's often said in the GIS industry that you can have all the hardware and software you want, its the peopleware behind it that makes for success or failure. Below you'll find a brief bio of a few of our firm's staff.

Thanawut Sirinawin
Our fearless leader and managing director, Khun Thanawut is one of SE Asia's leading mineral exploration geologists, with over 25 years experience in SE Asia. He has pioneered many uses of IT in mineral exploration from field surveying to post survey work as well as mining operations. He specializes in survey design and analysis and mine evaluation.
Pramote Cheowchaiporn
Assistant managing director and lead trainer, Khun Pramote has over 15 years of experience in the environment and natural resources field. He has developed pioneering GIS, GPS and intranet applications for urban, pollution control and environmental quality fields. He has also developed the first Thai language ColdFusion training materials.
Paul Hastings
Chief Technology Officer (aka chief cook and bottle washer) has pioneered GIS and IT work in the environment and natural resources fields in Thailand while working at the Kingdom's leading research institutes. He has over 20 years experience, co-authored two books on advanced ColdFusion(CF5 and CFMX), is the author of over 20 ColdFusion custom tags and components and is an Adobe Communmity Expert. He specializes in globalization, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS, ColdFusion and municipal information systems. You can find his blog here (also backup blog).
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