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Know where you are
There is nothing more fundamental than knowing where you are and there's nothing sadder than being lost. Do you remember that feeling when you were young, when you lost sight of your parents or friends in some large, crowded place? That sinking, panicked feeling? You might be experiencing the same thing now if you're not using appropriate GIS technology for your locational needs. Whether you're collecting taxes, creating sales districts or tracking pollution, where is important. If you're considering adding GIS technology to your repertoire, let us know if we can help you.
Be where you're at
Being successful in a place requires knowledge beyond knowing where it's located. You'll need to understand what languages are spoken there and how other cultural information such as currency, calendars, date and numeric formating are used in that location. If there's one thing we know how to do well, its ColdFusion application globalization (G11N). Besides the actual ColdFusion G11N technology we have experienced human translators for Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, Laotian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Persian, French, German, Dutch and of course English. The world's one big, borderless market place, let us help you bring your ColdFusion application to it. For more information please contact us.
We're here
The Sustainable GIS office is located in glamorous Bangkok, Thailand--well actually in a rather nice suburb just north of Bangkok's center. To be precise, we can be found at 678802, 1531262 UTM Z47 or if you prefer 100.65°E, 13.85°N. If you'd like to know where you're located with that kind of precision, drop us a line.
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